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 - Sectra pathology
When it comes to diagnosing cancer, radiologists examine digital images and pathologists scrutinize slides. Only occasionally do the two collaborate prior to meetings of the tumor board or multidisciplinary team (MDT).
Breast Tomosynthesis: Scientific Evidence, Clinical Experience & Improving Image Workflow
Watch this free webinar with Q&A, featuring Dr. Donna Plecha, Director, Breast Imaging, Mammography and Beverly Rosipko, Radiology PACS Manager of University Hospitals.
 - Elmar A. Davé
Breast-imaging interpretations by telemedicine? More than a few have said that it couldn’t be done—or, at least, that it couldn’t be done well.
 - Longmont United Hospital
As the healthcare industry continues to expand and implementation of federal mandates on the transition to electronic medical records continues, the role of information systems managers within healthcare operations is becoming understandably more influential.
 - EIM
CIOs and Health IT Leaders Talk Integration, Interoperability and Images.