Healthy individuals more likely to track sleep patterns

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Individuals were more likely to track sleep patterns using mobile health if they have a good diet and use mobile devices to track other health measures, according to a study published in Health Communication.

Mobile healthcare devices encompass a wide variety of features including activity tracking, heart rate and sleep. In this study, researchers examined exactly what kind of individuals are taking advantage of mobile sleep tracking.

Researchers collected data through survey of 934 adults, 263 of whom reported using a mobile phone for sleep tracking. Results showed income and gender correlated the most with mobile sleep tracking. Additionally, individuals who reported an “excellent” diet and used of mobile devices to track other health measures were also more likely to report tracking their sleep.

“Results appear to suggest sleep tracking is common among individuals with good general health,” concluded first author Rebecca Robbins and colleagues. “Interestingly, compared to individuals who never smoke, report of smoking 'everyday' was associated with sleep tracking.”